Help for a beginner - Spare battery for Sentinel 360 drone


Jessops had the controller pack with free battery and DJI care for £399 before Xmas but seems to have went back up.

Not sure about the finance.


A work colleague has a Spark for sale with 6 batteries.
Not sure what else he has but can find out and pass on his details if he still has it.
Let me know if you are interested.


Very interested
Let me know please


Private message sent.


Hi its a great drone in my opinion,

its an excellent drone to have as a backup or a beginner. run time is great the camera is really good just a shame about the gimbal.


That’s what I was thinking, not %100sure what I want. Seen so many deals about, my head is spinning. Torn between the mantis and dji spark. Did see a parrot bebop 2 fpv for £290. As just starting out, really don’t know what to do. Everyone on here been really helpful tho.


Spark gets my vote.


what about this, seems to good to be true. Anyone delt with Slr hut?


My only concern from what’s been reviewed is the company is based in USA do the guarantee still hold if you have a problem there are reviews saying it can take weeks to arrive and not getting money back from slr
Cheap isn’t always cheap In The long run


Taken advice and bought a spark. Can’t wait for it to arrive, like a kid at Christmas now. Thanks for all help and advice.


That’s what we are here for to help you spend all your money…:shushing_face:


:joy::joy::joy: Just gotta hide it from missus now, the old “i had it cheap on ebay” line is probable avenue.


No use reverse psychology
“what this old thing”



Or the, “look what I just won on a raffle on the grey arrows forum.” can’t wait for it to be delivered.


Easy, just buy so many of the bloody things, cos you can guarantee that she will lose track of what is what !
Mine has !.
I have had so many drones in this house to modify the antennas on over the last 5 years, she does not know what is what, more importantly who’s is who’s !!!


Who said that?




We’ve had a Tello drone and some Heliguy vouchers as prizes in the past, we can’t quite stretch to a Spark yet though :smiley:

Congrats on the purchase Mike, I’m sure you won’t regret it!


The spark was second prize actually, 1st was a mavic pro. Unvlbelivable raffle prize. Fair play grey arrows. :grin::grin::grin:


Well, my spark finally arrived, really can’t wait to flybit. Any tips on what should be doing as a beginner? .