Help for a beginner - Spare battery for Sentinel 360 drone


or this for £650


and thats brand new


What’s charge time per battery with that?


6% cashback on that through quidco as well if you get tempted.


It was strange as she knows/knew i was going to buy another drone.
What i meant to say, was, that she had’nt even notice I had the new Drone, till i told her later in the Pub!


full review with charge times here

right I’m off to watch Luther


Cheers, :+1:


any good? I like run timE/charge time


@Turbys9 owns a Mantis Q.

I’m sure he could give you some feedback.

Only downside I can see is lack of 3 axis stabilisation like on the Mavics and Anafi.


Try the shop ‘CEX’ they were selling a phantom 3 with batteries and guarantee for about £350.
Look on-line


you might be a little carefull i bought an Ehang Ghost from CEX a while ago. a battery fault showed up and then they said we will have it in for test. took a week to get a refund. but they didnt dispute it and paid up when i took them to task. my local CEX dont sell drones or spares anymore. if you decide this is the way forward go and have a look and see the drone powered up to ensure it is working correctly. just my two peneth worth.:grinning:


just had a quick look in amazon wharehouse theres a couple of deals on that mau be worth looking at


and this one typhoon h plus. but only with 14mp camera


Without wishing to Hijack the thread. I have a pretty much new Phantom 3 Advanced with a carry case and a couple of other bits - only flown once for half an hour I am willing to sell for £375 + Post


What other bits? Is it in good condition etc?


There is a carbon gimbal protector to protect it in flight / landings and a camera protector for transporting it. There is also a set of prop guards. It is in “immaculate condition / as new” as it has only flown the once. I paid £599 for it 18 mths ago without the extra bits.


I will Google it now. Cheers.


Any ideas what parrot bebop 2 fpv is like? And roughly what should I be paying for one


Bebop 2 has no stabilised gimbal so if capturing photo and video is your aim probably not the best choice.


OK cheers. Looking at dji spark with extra kit, just looking for best deals at moment , probably on finance too. Any ideas?