Help, lost a big video file

Well that’s not quite true. I have a 2GB file on the memory card, along with a much smaller one. The smaller one plays but I’ve tried playing the big one with Quicktime and VLC and neither will read it.
Sods law. It is a fantastic clip of my son, wife & baby driving off in their camper after being here for 3 weeks, so very emotional and irreplaceable.
The file has no thumbnail pic but does have an MP4 symbol against it, and it’s definitely there on the card.
Any ideas for some repair software? I’m gutted if I can’t recover it.

Have you tried using Go4 to download the file to your phone/tablet?

No I haven’t, won’t that just be a low res version?

Is there anywhere you can upload the big file for us to try ?

Google drive ?

If you’re connected to the drone with your phone you can download the original high res version.


As @TassyWass says - you can download the original, full res, version.

It will take a while for 2GB … so make sure all batteries are well charged before trying.

Isn’t that the version in the cache? The cache was full at the time. I was in such a rush I didn’t clear it!

It’s not he cache. Nope.

There is a “download” option … that does what it’s name suggests. :wink:

The cache is what it creates DURING the flight.

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This. :+1:

I’m trying to upload it to Google Drive and the time keeps going up! It started at 17 mins and now its up to 38 mins.:crazy_face:

Sorry, can’t find the download option in Go4. Clues?

Oops, just found it. Downloading now. Thanks.

Thanks, got it.

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So I saw … but having gone and got the MP, powered it all up, taken the screen shots, transferred them from drone-phone to laptop …. I thought I may as well post anyway. :wink:


Oh dear, sorry about that Callum! Much appreciated though.

Andrew, I think you meant Dave :laughing:

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Haha! I’m not doing very well today. Didn’t sleep much last night. Sorry Dave & Callum.

Good news is the downloaded file’s intact. Obviously the one on the card is corrupt yet the one on the phone is OK.

I’ll post the raw file when I’ve uploaded it to Vimeo., It’s quite interesting, trying to follow a slow vehicle in and out of tree cover. Some of it works. Thanks everyone for all the help.

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You can now transfer the file from the phone to your computer and forget about the file that’s not working properly.


Good news, @ash2020 :+1: