Help stitching pano please

If you have a few moments, please could someone try stitching these 26 raw files from My Mini 2. I have tried several different groups of images in Photoshop 2021 and Lightroom and have not managed a good finished pano yet.
They are here.

Showing ‘access denied’. You have to share it.

EDIT: Now downloading.

Sorry, just changed it to “Anyone with link”

The probable problem you are having with those is so much dark sea there are no details for a stitcher to use accurately.

Also - water moves and highlights (the odd wavelet reflecting the sun), the kind of points that stitchers use, that are in one image just won’t be there in the next.

I realise that a lot of your intended use will be over the sea - so this is always going to be an issue.

Those drones that stitch onboard have the information about heading and pitch of each image, and can use this to overcome some of the problems you’ll have with this sort of pano over so much water.

Having said that … LR is doing an OK job …

I wondered if this was the case with this particular set, there are 4 very dark images with no features. However, others I’ve tried have better features and still don’t work. admittedly, they all have water in them. (As did the drone! :rofl:)

:man_facepalming: LOL!

Thanks Dave, that looks fine. I get an error with LR, something like “can’t use 3 images”

Correction - I had auto-crop on - which shouldn’t be used.

So - not to OK job. :frowning:

Yeah - 3 images not used.


That’s them white bits at the bottom - the dark images.

Yep, that’s exactly what I get, knackered corners.

I might try lightening them all, stitching, then darkening.

At least, I’m glad it’s not just me.

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Photoshop is even worse. They’re all over the place.

Hi Andrew, how about this:

Perfect Steve. What’s your secret?

I’m getting a reasonably result using ICE … (not done any sky work) …


… although, I’m uncertain as to how accurate the “direct down” area is.

… also, that’s from the DNG thumbnails, not the full DNG (ICE doesn’t accept DNG per se).

HI Andrew, no secret. I just pulled into LR and then when the pano was stitched, used the ‘boundry warp’ slider to fill in the edges. Sometimes this doesn’t work but it seems to be OK on this one.

I have uploaded the stitched pano DNG back to your folder.