Hemsby Coastline

Ok gang, had it a week, so took the Mavic Air to the East Coast as have a place there, and had a fly and took a few Video’s & Photo’s…

Hemsby Coastline


Video’s please

Whats the max file size I can upload, as huge files ???

You can put them on YouTube and just add the link

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Video on here are limited to file size, @PingSpike or @OzoneVibe will advise best
Looking forward to seeing them

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Only had the Mavic a week, so most video’s are a little shaky lol

10mb is the max you can upload here, so uploading to YouTube or Vimeo and posting the link here is required for larger.

Great photo!!!


Ok had a try, Asteroid mode


Thanks Gang

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First Flight in Sport Mode

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What a splendid beach!

And, when HD became available … the vid looked good, too!
Some lovely colours in the grasses/heather.

@stevedevil I’m just down the road in Caister

Going to be there this weekend so maybe catch up and go for a fly

That could work, hopefully the wind will have dropped a little

Up there today at some point if your about later this afternoon could meet up

@stevedevil Just home from work, unless you’re still there?

Yes here all weekend, going out for a fly in Hemsby in about half hour to get some evening shots, im in kings Loke in Hemsby, or can meet up tomorrow at some point for a fly