Herne Bay, Kent


Herne Bay last Sunday - taken with my Mavic Air and a Neewar ND16

Also used a little lens correction in Photoshop to straighten up the buildings.


Also a good pic! Very punchy contrasts. :+1:


Cheers mate! Using AEB and a bit of Photoshop


Is your horizon off mate?


Looks OK here ….


Yeah, but that’s the corrected version :blush:


Haze is a bugger … find the horizon in this “levitating ferry” pic from yesterday.

(Ignore the shit on the sensor. That really pissed me off!)


No it was a very hazy day, and I only adjusted the image vertically not horizontally. Being a wide angle lens the buildings at the edges were leaning outwards a bit.


Ahhh right, gotcha :+1:t2:


Love that picture @trstudio, us East Kent dronies should meet up and fly out to the end of the pier one day !


Gorgeous shot @trstudio and those colours really pop out :ok_hand:


Cheers mate :smiley:


Thats not shit on on the sensor,thats a drone,cant you see it ? :wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It does indeed look like an out of focus MP - but it was impossible to focus it and impossible to get it to stay still to reposition mid frame.

Also - wide aperture and it went into stealth mode and disappeared! (Thought it was shit inside the lens initially!)

It works better in this pic …


What this one? :grin::sunglasses:




Microscopic particle of something annoyingly sticky on the sensor - and cleaning a modern stabilising sensor is very scary!


Has it shown up on any other photos or videos? And in the same place? If so yes either a speck on sensor or lens. I wouldn’t attempt to clean the sensor myself, I’d find a service centre.


Oh - yeah - several that day - and since removed.


Thought it was in the new lens … until it also appeared with the old lens … same size/position and shape.
That was a relief - didn’t want to send the lens for a strip-down and rebuild - it’s not a month old.