Heybridge Basin Essex

Hi all here are some pics taken from the Typhoon, I’m liking the shots but feel they need something.
any suggestions would be helpful.


My neck of the wood . :+1:t2:
Nice shots.

Thank you.

We are looking to move that way. It’s so beautiful… do you have any suggestions of places I can fly and get some good shots?

Damn that horizon is level!!! :clap:

Not sure what your photos are lacking @Turbys9 mate, they look brilliant to me!


@PingSpike Thank you very much… maybe I’m just being too fussy…

Look good to me too.

Nice and sharp.

Are those JPG straight from the drone?

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Ditto what they all said
We all have self doubt of our own work
They are all good did you do any colour grading/post processing?
If not keep doing what your doing
if you did would be of interest what you did
Another ask what did you save in jpg or raw ?

Only asking and they are great compositions too

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They are jpeg… straight from drone…

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I think they are in JPEG, I’ve not delved in to the land of raw shots yet…

I’ve not edit them.

Agree, they are great shots, hope he keeps doing what he’s doing…I presume he’s not a she, or I’ve committed a terrible mistake.

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@Turbys9 is most definitely a bloke :smiley:


I’ve checked with the boss and she says I’m a bloke… :rofl:

Good to know …Brian (think the name gives it away)

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