Hi all, from Wendover

I’ve recently picked up a DJI Mini 2. I’m a photographer and I wanted a drone for a bit of fun ariel photography. Figured I’d get the mini 2, as it will fit in nicely with some cut out foam, in my kit bag.

Although I know my Drone is under 250g, I have still passed the license and payed for an operator ID.
Is it legal that you display the Operator ID to the Mini 2? I was planning to, but just wanted to make sure.

Also, it would come in handy if I catch the bug and want to invest in a bigger drone I suspect? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you all, and I look forward to getting to know some other drone enthusiasts.

Stay safe!


Yep! Text must be at least 3mm high. I know a lot of folk stick those in the battery compartment.


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There’s a whole thread on this subject over here…

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Thank you for both replies. Very much appreciated. I thought I had to, so thank you for confirming it. I will sort the label and affix it to the drone.

Hopefully, I might get to test out the Mini once the weather subsides and lockdown is over. :sweat_smile:

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