Hi everyone! New member from Alfreton , eastmidlands

Been flying for about 2 weeks with a 5 inch freestyle drone I built not the cleanest but does the job. Hopeing to get to know you all ( or as many people as I can) looking to go to some meets and will be attending drone fest at Mansfield on the Saturday next week (praying work gives me the holidays) so hope to see some of u there.


Welcome to GADC Ben :wave:t2: Might want to have a look here and introduce yourself as I think there are a few guys going to Drone Fest on Saturday :+1:t2: Also add yourself the the @group-fpv if you’re interested in fpv as sometimes people tag the group with useful/interesting information

Hi, I’m just up the road in Chesterfield.

I’m also new to FPV with just over a month of flying, but I’ve been designing and printing my own drones.

So far a 2" and a 3", but I just purchased my first premade fpv drone, a 65mm whoop.

I generally have been flying in some playing fields in Wingerworth, but also at a nice bando nearby.

Oo sounds interesting will have to set up a day in the near future. Annoying thing is im a truck driver don’t get much time of but could arrange a day. I will keep in touch and see what happens later down the line.

I’ve been mostly flying in the evenings, but they are already starting to close in… hence the nano-whoop purchase.

I work nights so can be complicated but sure I can work around it. Got work tonight so I must go see you around and hopefully go fly one day

Are you attending the drone fest at Mansfield a week on Saturday?

Unfortunately I’m not, it clashes with something else I’m already committed to.

Hi Ben, I’m not too far away either. I’ll be at the fest Saturday week.

Also, while I was up at Crich Stand earlier I noticed this in the adjacent quarry. I had no idea it was there. Perilously close to the Tramway Village but I’d be tempted to visit sometime I know they’re closed. Still on the lookout for somewhere decent to stretch my FPV legs.

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Very nice I know exactly were that is you can view that quarry from a star gazing point on the opposite side. But usually there is security on whenever I have been around. Looks like a nice place to fly and record. I could do with some footage only just got my gopro hero session. Hopefully if all goes well with my holidays we will be flying at Clipstone. Look forward to seeing you there.

My mistake that is not the same quarry. I read somewhere that someone is turning the quarry you was flying at into a water park. Don’t know why but I’m pretty sure it was that one.

Hi Ben - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

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There you go. Can’t see the locals being overjoyed at that.


Edit: That’s not my video in the earlier post by the way. I was just there on recon.

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I dont live to far away from it I can see the Crich tower from my window I would prefer it to stay a quarry but the people who are building it don’t care what the locals think. A real shame if they build it