Hi from a newbie - Ashford, Kent

Hi @DaveP64 great to see you aboard this forum :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark :+1:t3:

Welcome Dave, I’m not far from you between M20 J11 and Canterbury Stone St, also I’ve permission to fly over a huge area of farmland si once this lockdown settles you’ll have to pop over for a fly?

Hi Steve and thankyou. That sounds ideal. As you say once things settle down I’m up for that.


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Hi Dave also New to flying and live in Ashford have a phantom 3advanced will have to meet up at some point after lockdown by good to speak to like minded people.Dogshome

Morning Trev.
Yes, absolutely up for that once the circumstances change. There’s a couple of other local lads on here so a meet up amongst us all would be good.

Places to fly in Ashford Kent

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Hi @Dogshome and welcome to GADC.

Check out our very own DroneScene for member added places to fly, also includes all the data on safe places to fly need


There are a few nice places that you are variably left alone. One nice place is the entrance to the Finberry housing estate. Nice open area near no one. Also if it’s quiet of people, Conningbrook lake, but be aware of people, wildlife and the water.

Wye Crown is another popular destination.

Best regards
Ashford resident and occasional flyer

Morn Dave up for that have you been flying long have only been flying for 4 months myself only fly out back over the field not much too see but good for practice!view from my back gatethumb_7aaa47e9abf97a08_1603724952000|160x120

Trev, I got my phantom literally the same week they put us into Lockdown 1 and being one of the nations shielded, opportunities to fly were non existent.
I’ve got a head full of theory and a tiny bit of practical experience.
You have a good space for practice as you say in that pic. By the time I get out there will be hardly any places where its legal to fly.

Hi Dave Also have a phantom the 3 advanced started with the fc40 given to me by my brother so it’s all his fault haha. Been medical retired since 2012 first hobby I can do. Your more than welcome to come and fly over here out in the sticks

Hi Dave thought I would check in see how you are getting on with shielding have you got people to get shopping etc

Hi Trev.
So sorry that I’ve only just seen this. All good thankyou and thanks for going to the trouble of asking.
Hope you’re enjoying Christmas, certainly not flying weather.
Here’s hoping for a bit more freedom next year and clear blue skies.
All the best

Hi Dave glad to hear your ok had a quiet Christmas like most people. Got a fly in today first time for a few weeks so good have a field out back which is just about to flood in to my back garden if it rains today would but a vid up if I could work it out haha stay safe and hope to meet up soon Trev

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