Hi from Aberdeenshire

Morning folks.
Bought a Mavic MIni Fly More Combo just as lockdown kicked in and abart from a couple of short flights in the back garden, I’ve only had it out once for real but was quite worried about annoying other folks out enjoying the area.

I was thinking of selling it but found this site so hopefully I can get some tips and ideas to get me out safely… I am fortunate that I live in Aberdeenshire, close to the Cairngorm national park so locations nerby should be plentyfull.

Looking forward to reading lots of tips and maybe linking up with other drone entheusiasts nearby.




Welcome to GADC Stuart!
I too have a MM fly more and it’s a great drone to have!
Hopefully you will find people local to you that can share hints and tips, maybe meet up to fly etc.
All the best and hopefully you get the bug bug time and really love getting out flying

Hi Stuart / @KiltedPict, and welcome to GADC. :+1:

There are a few members in your part of the world, as shown on the Map of Members

Don’t forget to add your self to the map : Members' Location Map - A Guide

Currently trying but my location doest appear in the dropdown section… still trying!

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What’s the location you’re trying to add?

Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Even when I save it, next time time I go back to it it’s blank and as I start typing Banchory doesnt come up as an option…

It should do …


As soon as you see it in the list, click on the line, then save at the bottom of the page.

Yup, still not showing up… even getting as far as Ban and a pile of foreign names pop up then they dissapear and wont ever show up again until I come out of the page and back in.

Tried 2 browsers… I’ll try from my mobile…probably my SurfacePro being a D!@k

Probably have to get to the end of the whole word “Banchory” before it appears.

Nope… Have tried that too, last post was about I get as far as Ban and the options that are available are mostly abroad but once I type as far as Banc they all disappear and I can get Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland typed and still nothing. If I delete and start again, Ban doesnt even bring up the foreign options… Odd

Very odd.

I’ve tried Android, too, and as soon as the word “Banchory” is complete it appears ok.

Just tried on my iPhone

Good luck with the map!

In any event there are loads of great places to fly near you, just stay out of the permanent no-fly zone at Prince Charles’s house!

Hi Stuart, I’m in Peterculter and found an okay place to test out your MM. I’m the one that added the Crathes trains to DroneScene map and also Keith’s Tower at Park Bridge. I can recommend the Keith’s Tower place, if you go on a Sunday the quarry will be closed, so less chance of annoying anyone. Park Bridge is shut to traffic just now, so you can park car close to the bridge and walk the short road. Once in the Keith’s Tower part, go through the gate to a small boating pond and it’s a nice open space with nobody looking on. Look up Keith’s Tower on google maps and you’ll see the area I’m talking about. I take it you have looked at the different flying zones we are surrounded by here in Deeside. Quite a lot of areas that have “fly with caution” listed.
Happy flying and remember to stick any good areas you find onto the DroneScene map.

Keith’s Tower looks great. As a side note, I understand the Clowncil plan to close that road completely to motor vehicles which may impact access a little… I cant find the link but someone of the Scottish Canoe Furum highlighted it as it’s used as access to the river too… shame.

I have had a we look with the AirMap app… Alford, Aboyne and Balmoral are the main ones I see… any others I should know about?

I also use UAV Forecast app. Shows the weather, visible satellites in the area, and highlights zones. Someone must have bought a helicopter out Banchory way as there wasn’t a yellow zone round Banchory years ago. Not sure what the restriction at Alford is, but the Aboyne one will be the gliders.
I was looking for somewhere to go on the Slug Road as I bet there is some good photos to be had on a clear day. Might go for a drive over Slug Road towards Stonehaven later. Stonehaven seems to be a good area if you can find somewhere quiet. I tried looking at Cowie Park before but too many walkers going about.

Just had a look at UAV and it’s Raemoir House that has a helicopter pad on their grounds. As for Alford, it’s not actually in the green zone, it’s right on the edge and it’s Insch Airfield that creates that zone. Never even knew that Insch had an airfield. You might be better looking around Potarch as that’s clear. You can still fly in a yellow zone, but have to take precautions, so keep visible line of sight and don’t fly as high as a landing aircraft. My first few flights I set a 40 metre height restriction on DJI Go app. Just make sure there are no trees between where you are flying and the set “return to home” location. Wish this wind would die down a bit. Supposed to be better tomorrow.

Good info, thanks.

Raemoir House Hotel helipad doesnt seem to be showing on any of the other apps but yup, I see it now on UAV Forecast.

Planning to visit Keith’s tower tomorrow and have been up Scolty Hill- flew it from the back of the hill and next time would go even further back to ensure least disturbance to walkers…

Aye Stuart, did you get a chance to fly at Keith’s Tower yet? I went over the Slug Road and there is not a lot of places you can park and fly without people or property being an issue. Even went down to Stonehaven and south looking for a place, went to the War Memorial on the hill above Stonehaven beside Dunnotar Castle, but there were far too many people there.
Going to try over by Torphins way as I think it will be a bit less crowded with people. Problem during coved period is everyone else is looking for that uncrowned space as well.

Aye, was there last Sunday… noone else about so had a wee play… some nice footage but not very smooth… need a lot more practice!

It’s a wee gem of a place, thanks for the heads-up!