Hi From around Luton

Hello everyone I took my Mini2 out for it’s maiden flight yesterday, I landed in long grass and it shredded my propellars after replacing them I thaught I’d launch it by hand but it was just back flipping into the mud?
I gave up shortly after that it was bitterly cold and the pub was warm & toasty.
I think I may have been a bit to keen to fly it.


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Welcome once again!

Did you put the replacements on the right way round, they come in matched pairs

Hi Andrew - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi from Portsmouth
welcome to GADC
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Hi, and welcome to GADC.

I have a Mini2 and occasionally hand launch and hand catch it. I use the “nudge” technique for launching shown in this video.

You need big hands because you’ll be pulling the sticks down one-handed.

Beware mixing techniques between different drones. For example other DJI drone does not do the nudge thing, and would definitely fall from the sky if I tried it!

Also it is safest to take off and land from flat ground with nobody else anywhere near. No shame in that. Take your time!

Finally, those propeller blades bite, can cut your fingers up. Take care!


Thanks y’all & I’ll check my props are on the right way round when I get the chance

Yup :crazy_face: I put the wrong sides props on, It was cold!
Ive still to fly maybe at the WE


Oops 2…

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Hi, just got a Mini 2 & Air2s with a smart controller still awaiting a Maiden flight… noted the long grass issue! :100::facepunch:t6:


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