Hi from Ascot

I’m a Mavic pro owner and live close to Ascot racecourse.

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Hello Wayne, welcome to GADC.


Hi Wayne, welcome to forum.

You ever get any photos or videos of Ascot during a meeting?

Hi Callum,

No vids or pics while a meeting is on. There are too many helicopters flying in and out so I don’t send up the Mavic.


Good point, hadn’t though of the helicopters!

Hi Wayne,


Hi Wayne

Hi @coups1969 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

That wouldn’t even have occurred to me either… :+1:

Been flying long Wayne?

Hi Wayne,
I am not too far away from you and wondered if you had any good tips for flying areas south west of the M25?
Church of St Martha on the Hill is a great place!
Did a silly video of it last time i was there!

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To be honest I’m not overly confident taking my drone out of my area. I’m lucky that I have permission to fly where I live and work so that is good. I’m off to Wareham this weekend so I hope to get some footage near there. I’d love to get some coastal footage.

About a year now, only occasionally though. Getting more interested now though. Had a project at work to do on an empty mansion, was lucky enough to have the whole place to myself. Got some good footage but my focussing skills need work. Lots of fuzzy trees.

How about you ?