Hi from Coventry/North Warwickshire


Hi the names Andy, I just joined, so a big HI to everyone already here, thanks for the invite PingSpike

I bought an official recon DJI Mavic Air the other week to do my commercial license course with as it’s a bit more modern than my F550
Anyway, passed the groundschool and flight assessment (with both drones in the end)
So looking forward to getting my PfCO shortly

Gonna go spend some time reading up on what you’ve all had to say about your drones…


Hi @andy_bee_1 and welcome to Grey Arrows, glad you could join us :+1:t2:

What’s the Flamewheel F550 like to fly? It looks like bit of a beast :smiley:


As it was my first drone I didn’t find it too bad to fly. Had nothing to compare it with a d just messed about. Same controls as Mavic though really.
It has video feed to a monitor on my remote, and a very high powered transmitter for when I took it above the jungle in Central America (which I accidentally left on, honest Guv!)
Yeah it’s got good presence in the sky but not much more imposing than an Inspire I suppose.


I also posted a possible location for flying and/or a meet in the Warwickshire-nuneaton-coventry-etc Forum


Hello and welcome @andy_bee_1