Hi From Coventry

Hi all ,

Newbie to the world of drones, and found this site so im a newbie here too! Looking forward to being a part of the forum and hopefully learning from you more experienced guys & girls.

As the title would suggest im based in Coventry, hopefully see some of you local peeps out flying soon.




Hey dude.

There’s quite a few of us in cov. Including myself.

What kinda flying do you want to do? Photography, fpv? Wings?

Hope to see you in a field at some point


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Hi fella,

Im still waiting for delivery of my drone, however im like a child waiting for Christmas! Taken the CAA test and paid up etc so im all ready to go!

Ive only gone for a cheap drone to begin with, just to get used to flying. Then i’m planning to invest in something a little better.

Hi Andy and welcome to GADC.

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Hi Andy. Another from Coventry here. Hit us all up if you want to go out when your drone comes. Up to 6 people can meet up from Monday. :+1:

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Welcome to the club :+1:

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Hi Andy @Cigarfingers
I’m Cov’ based, Nuneaton actually.
Let us know when you get your machine and we’ll all meet up.
Hawkesbury is one of our usual haunts
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Andy, I’m from Coventry to New to drones not much flying lately some of us at hawks with notveryprettyboy can’t wait to get out again

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Another Coventry drone enthusiast here! Who knew there’d be so many from Cov!

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There really is a few of us from Cov and surrounding areas isn’t there! I’d love to see some of your footage of areas I’d recognise if you have any