Hi from essex 2

Hi from Essex. Bought my Air 2 last month and enjoying so far. First flight over sea last week, un nerving but fun.


It’s took me a few years before I trust myself to fly over water, well done you.

Hi Steve and welcome to GADC.

Welcome to GADC :+1:

Welcome to the group.

What part of Essex?


Welcome to the club.
I agree with the rest. It took me ages to finally fly over water. Still, I do not fly too far from land, if I’m honest.

Hi Steve and welcome to GADC.

Hi Steve and welcome I know what you mean about flying over water, there are a few hurdles to get over at first, even going up to 30 ft then 50-100 then 400 it’s squeaky bum time but great fun none the less

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Welcome to the club!!

Flying over water is always unnerving. Talking of flying over water, I was given some very good examples of why is better to do that over land.