Hi from Leeds, I'm new

New member and new recreational flyer here. I have a keen interest in photography and my day job is in broadcast so I know my way around most things camera-wise already…

I’ve started with a Hubsan Zino and done a couple of flights so far with good success. I uploaded my first test of one of the flight modes here;

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Not wanting to dampen your enthusiasm but I think you need to read the Drone Code


Please don’t take this in the wrong way, but we are not supposed to fly within 150m of built up areas.

er?, 150 feet (50 mtrs)

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As has been pointed out to me, (several times before, on here)
We are not here to Police our Members, or delegate to them what they can, or, cannot do.
(GADC Forum Rules)

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It is 150 mtr of a congested area 50 mtr from a structure not under your control.
And I agree we are not the police. But advice to keep each other out of the dung heap isn’t such a bad thing.

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Hi Andy,
Welcome to the forum.

Looks like you know what you are doing from the video.

It is the first time I have come across the Zino.
The reviews seem to rate it as a brilliant budget flier, and it takes nice shots.
Enjoy your flying!

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Hi Andy
Welcome to this madhouse
Early days but nice and slow pan/ roof survey good that you did your neighbours houses :house: too :wink::shushing_face:
How do you like your new found hobby? Even if it is like a bus mans holiday

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Hi. Welcome. New here myself but can say they seem a good bunch in here.


Not my neighbours, that was at my parent’s place - although they were already aware and coincidentally one of them had asked if I could do some pictures of their roof.

The orbit flight mode is built into the Zino, I was just testing it out.

I’m waiting for permission from the sports club I’m a member of to be able to use their grounds for practice as it’s a nice big, open and private space away from built up areas :wink: with some interesting subjects. Might even do some filming of their outdoor sports in action (hockey, football, cricket, tennis, bowling, archery) if they want - obviously free. Presumably as long as I tell the people I would be flying over what is going on then it’s fair game to go under 50m of them as they’re under my control?

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For the price, it’s really very good! For a while I was considering a Mavic, right back to when they first came out but for what I’d be doing I just can’t justify the cost so as soon as I saw this at around the £300 mark I made the jump.

Hi and welcome to the total nuthouse

I’m in leeds too :+1:

Welcome Andy @ajmorr_is :wave:

Hi welcome I am from Leeds to

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Hi Naz,
Welcome to the forum.
Great bunch of helpful guys on here.

I hope you enjoy the chats.