Hi from milton keynes

Hi people im Gary from milton keynes … been messing around with model aircraft on and off for 35 years… moved onto drones about 5 years ago now… never managed to sell one I always end up crashing lol …just got my latest a mavic 2 pro… …


Welcome to GADC. Gary.

Congrats on getting the M2P, too … third one in the club with one, so far … a couple more have one order, I believe. So you have company! :+1:

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Hi Gary welcome to GADC.

How are you finding the M2P?

Welcome Gary.
Let us know what you think to the Mavic 2 Pro when you have time.

Literally got it late Thursday afternoon and been out flying 2 days…

So far, I love it. It even feels better than the mavic pro as soon as you take it out the box … flight is very very stable… only been to my local field. Theres a few posts regarding scratches on the gimble and rear legs striking the body when being folded . Mine appears ok

My only complaint so far is that it isnt compatible with the crystalsky. so im having to use an iphone which i cant see and my sausage fingers cant control.

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I’ve got a tiny scratch on back of gimbal but it’s nothing really.

Did you order direct from DJI?

Hello and welcome.

I’m really liking the review and comments about mp2.

I hope you get many great hours of flying…

Welcome. Enjoy playing with the M2.

Welcome to the madhouse
As mentioned please keep us poor relations updated on you purchase we are not jealous just skint

Ok I lied

Hi @SkyDonkey and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:


Yeah don’t hold your breath there mate…

It’ll work if you choose the Mavic Pro option but you’ll have no access to the extra features, you’ll find it might be permanently recording video, and potentially some other issues too…

I find it amazing how far behind the rest of the world the CS firmware is, it used to annoy the hell out of me. It’s not like DJI didn’t know they were making a MP2 for the last 12 months eh?

If their track record is anything to go by, I’d be amazed if they pushed a CS update to support the MP2 this side of Christmas :cry:

Anyway, rant over. Welcome once again mate :smiley:

yea, ordered direct from DJI along with the fly more and care… . im on the dji boards also, generally moaning about the crystalsky… i dont know why they dont totally unlock it and be done with it … or just recall it, lol

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Were you on the monday 20:15 shipment as well? Lol

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yes, sat in the warehouse all weekend ,


@SkyDonkey welcome Gary we are a dedicated(obsessed?) lot on here,have to say that being sat in the warehouse all weekend,now that’s what i call dedication!:+1::+1::rofl:

Hi Gary, welcome to the club
I work in MK , would be nice to meet up one evening