Hi from near Plymouth

Hello all, newbie here in lockdown trying to formulate a plan and get something positive out of this fiasco.
I’m toying with the idea of one of Coptrz business start up packages, just need to have some focus on what I’m actually going to do so that I buy the right machine. For the moment I’ve bought a Mavic Mini just for a bit of flying experience and to see if I need smart controllers etc or is my phone good enough for now. I’ve also found out that the huge area of land next to me (Dartmoor!) is a no go area! That wasn’t part of my original plan.
Anyway, back to trying to find out who owns which bit of land and whether they’ll let me stand on it for an hour or so now and again.

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Welcome @ChrisT :wave:t2:

Don’t forget a Plan B for the other 9 months of a year that you won’t be able to fly in the UK because of the never ending wind, rain, etc :grimacing:

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I could spend that time learning how to weatherproof my MM!


Welcome to the group :+1:

Hi Chris and welcome to GADC.

https://www.phantomrain.org/ :wink:

Welcome to the group… there will be some amazing flying on dartmoor… wish I had a drone when I lived at Brentor and then Callstock. Have it all on my list of places to fly when I have the time…

Sadly you are not allowed to fly a drone on the moors Drones & model aircraft | Dartmoor

Welcome to the the group Chris.

Just to be clear, while they may be able to prevent you from taking off and landing from their land, you are still very much allowed to fly over their land if observing the drone code.

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The moors cover an area of 368 sq miles and while that is a large area you would struggle to find a good place not on the moors to fly from and that is the main problem and why people who live in South Devon do not go to the moors to fly their drone.