Hi from Newcastle upon Tyne

Hi all,

new to the forum but not to drones (well, had a couple of years break). Started way back with the Phantom 1 before the 2 axis gimbal was even released and then upgraded to the 3 axis Zenmuse and Flamewheel F450 and F550.

Had a crash with the 550 due to pilot error (didn’t notice that the Compass puk and flight controller were facing opposite directions) and decided to sell up and invest in my DSLR gear.

The boss who is on here as m2bfx bought himself a Spark and then a Mavic Air so obviously the fire started smoulder inside me again and I got myself a Mavic Pro.

Its amazing to see how fay this technology has advanced in just a short few years!

Good times!



Hi! And welcome!

I did the P2/H33D/GoPro3Black to MP leap, and it is astonishing the difference!
The make, and that they fly, seem to be about the only similarities! :wink:

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Hi Glyn, welcome to GADC. Very glad to have you with us.

Drone technology certainly has moved on, especially in the past year since this club was formed, so this is the perfect place to keep track of all the changes. We look forward to seeing your photos and videos and don’t forget, ask any questions you like. Chances are you’ll find any expert answer from our members.

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Hi there @GTowers and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

And if I say so myself, what an excellent choice :slight_smile:

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Ditto and WELCOME

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Hello Mr Towers, glad you managed to join…you took your time like…LOL
This is one amazing club, look forward to seeing some shots soon.

I think you got me into this drone thing many years ago …and what pricing structure I should use, when the wife asks how much it was…£100 for a Spark and £150 for the Air…i said…oops

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I introduced glyn…do I get a badge …LOL

Is @GTowers still around Barry?

Introduce three and you get a silver badge, introduce five new members for a gold badge :smiley:

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Yes @PingSpike after he joined, he had to go into hospital for a major bowel operation and it will take 4 weeks to sort, so all went well and he is recovering at home. Also @DataByDrone is also a recommendation
Cheers mate

Just need to get one more in …for a siver

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