Hi from Perthshire

hey everyone, just about to buy the DJI Mini 2 after much reading and youtube videos. Never had a decent drone before, only toy ones that I pretty much gave up on as they were almost impossible to fly. Looking forward to getting it out on some test flights but imagine my dismay when I found out I can’t fly it in my garden. I have a very large garden surrounded by miles and miles of fields, but unfortunately I’m only 1 mile from Scone Aerodrome/Perth Airport. Oh well I’ll just have to put up with that I guess?
Anyway, looking forward to participating in here when I eventually get it, and in the meantime, reading as much as I can and learning.


Hi @mynameisjoe and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

Good choice on the M2, the most popular drone amongst of members

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Welcome once again!

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Hi from Edinburgh welcome to gadc plenty guys on here have mini 2s will keep you right😀

Hiya mate and yes the Mini 2 is a great choice.

Don’t worry about not being able to take off from your own garden it’s not something you want to be doing very much anyway as it will probably end up bugging your neighbours.

It’s all about getting yourself out and about and finding cool places to fly.

I can take off from my home but hardly ever do as I don’t want to be inconsiderate.



Cheers for the welcome guys.

I’d actually love to be able to fly from my garden Lewis. I live in a wee valley surrounded by hills and fields, my nearest neighbours are sheeps, cows and horses.

Ok mate we’ll in that case why not approach the aero drone ATC or whatever passes for it and see if you can work something out? Maybe you could get a regular window for flying on a certain day or with height restrictions or something similar?

If I want to fly in our local FRZ all it usually takes is an email and a bit of notice?


Cheers for the info Lewis, I didn’t know it could be as simple as that to get permission. I also know two people that work there which might help.

The airport operates 9 to 5, ask them about out of hours operating for your drone. Also where your home is in relation to the airport runways and circuit patterns may be relevant - you may be able to get a daytime permission with an altitude limit less than your maximum 400 feet.

Best to email the Air Traffic Controllers so both you and they have a record of any agreement

I couldn’t find direct contact details, you may have to go through the airport website contact page:

Thanks for that macspite.
I found a link on CAA website that took me to a 4500 page pdf file where I eventually found a contact number and email address. I am right bang in the middle of one of the runway approaches, but, the hills either side of me are upwards of 80 metres, one of them will be 200 metres plus so I cant see it being an issue. I’ll wait until the mini2 arrives and get registered before contacting them.