Hi from Preston

I have just got my 1st drone, the Mavic Air and its great.


@Nazzcar Hi and welcome to Gadc you have a great drone, hit some of the other members up they have a huge ammount of knowledge and expertise so don’t be afraid to ask for help or advise:grinning:

Welcome to the forum mate.

Welcome to Grey Arrows @Nazzcar :+1:

Ha! Another north west member joins our ranks :man_dancing:

Pull up a chair drink a coffee and chill
Looks like the north West has another addition
Jeff from Bolton
Don’t be afraid to ask…

Welcome, I’ve only joined recently but have already been helped by people on here.
Whereabouts in Preston are you? I’m at Little Hoole, near Walmer Bridge.

Welcome @Nazzcar I nearly bought my Mavic Air last night but decided to watch football instead, possibly tomorrow, Supposed to be nice weather coming our way so a great time to get flying.

What is the Mavic air like in wind? I considered the Mavic pro just assuming, because of its size, it would hold itself better in wind.

Wow, thanks for the warm welcome.
I’m from Penwortham (leyland road) and take the the MA out every chance i get.
I havent dared take it too high in the wind, but it has been very stable when i have. ill post some footage of Beacon Fell when i get chance.

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