Hi from Salop

Just about to buy my first drone on Saturday from a good friend it’s the one that was being sold by Lidl last year so if anyone can give me any advice on where to get batteries rota blades etc I would really appreciate it.
A bit about me
Born in Birmingham in the mid 50s so yes I’m in my 60s now and probably a bit to old for one of these :joy:
I moved to salop in early 70s with my wife and daughter we later had a son.
Worked in several professions over the years and finally retired in 2004 as a engineer.
I had a accident in 2010/11 which has left me disabled and no longer able to ride my motorcycles or pursue my photography as much as I sill love my first passion Photography due to my limited mobility.

Hi @Phiggy

There’s a whole thread dedicated to the Lidl XL drone, it’ll probably have the answers you need:

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Hi Phiggy - welcome to GADC - enjoy the club :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Don’t you believe it, you are never too old lol.

Too old ? I am 77 next month. Since turning 70 I have had a go at piloting a fixed wing microlight, a helicopter, that was hard, went up in a hot air balloon in a fog and had a go in a light plane in Rhodes, I have a Phantom 3 advanced. NEVER too old young lad.

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Welcome to GADC - enjoy the drone :slight_smile: