Hi from Sheffield

Hi all, just joined up!

Recently bought a Mavic Air after flying a P3S for a couple of years. Quite a steep learning curve for me, and it’s going to take a while yet to get used to it.

Would love to hear from like-minded local enthusiasts, and if there are any fellow female pilots - don’t be backwards in coming forwards eh!


Hi Laura.
Welcome. How do you like the Air after the P3?
Currently flying a Mavic Pro myself.
A few of us in Yorks/Lancs try to meet up now and again.
Will copy you in, you are most welcome to join us if you are free.

Hi Mike. I really like the Air so far. A couple of little gripes, mainly to do with the RC, but they are all trumped by its overall portability - I love it.

Would definitely be interested in meeting up with some fellow pilots. Always on the lookout for new places to fly.

Hi there @lauradaleytm and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Do you still have the P3S? Is it too early to ask which you prefer :thinking:

I don’t think we’ve have many people over in Sheffield. @Steel-eye is, but he’s not around much.

Have you seen our map of places to fly? Again, not sure how well covered Sheffield is so please feel free to add to the map!

You may be our first (active) female member? @LaurenM is here, but she’s yet to post :blush:

Welcome once again!

Hey Laura, welcome to the forum.

Ah sadly the P3S moved onto pastures new. Out with the old and all that. Having flown the Air a few times now I still can’t quite get over how unobtrusive it is by comparison. I used to get approached so much while I was out with the P3S - so much so that I stopped going out on my own with it. Thankfully it was only ever people who were just curious about it, but still. The Air looks like a toy in comparison so I don’t expect to attract much attention with it.

The map is awesome - I’ve had a little look already. Thanks. I’ll be sure to add a few of my favourite locations.

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Hi guys, Can you suggest me somewhere to flight in Sheffield. Now, I live in the city centre. Thanks so much!

@Duyphan check it out: