Hi from Somerset

Hey folks, just joined by invitation from Pingspike. Based just outside Glastonbury in Somerset. Had my Mavic for about three weeks and the weather’s been utter shite for more or less all that time. Hence total flying time of about 11 sodding minutes. Actually, 11 awesome minutes!

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Hi @wanstronian and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

I’ve been grounded for what seems like forever! Not flown at all in December I think… Maybe one quick settings/test flight… getting serious withdrawal symptoms :cry:

So I sympathise fully!

@Londroner will be pleased, more southern members - we were having bit of a membership coup up in the north west lately :rofl:

Hi @wanstronian, welcome to the club. Very good to have you with us. Great to have another member in the south. What sort of flying locations have you got round your way?

Yep, we’re all victims of the weather. Grey skies are going to clear up - sometime. :slight_smile:

Yes, welcome @wanstronian.

The problem is less the weather (though, granted, it’s a big problem) and more the weather coinciding with available time.

Years ago worked with a skydiver (jump zone was only about 15 minutes from the office) - on those clear, low wind mornings we always knew he would be late to work…

Got some good stuff in theory - the Somerset levels, the Mendip hills, various reservoirs and lakes, Glastonbury Tor etc. I have some flights I want to make, but I’m going to have to build up my confidence - I’d be gutted to have a fly-away on the first flight, or some other situation that I wasn’t able to cope with!

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Ah a fellow Somersertian, loads of great places away from people with some fantastic views, sometimes I feel sorry for those in the big cities

Hi wanstronian.
Love Somerset and love Glasto.our favourite place. Will be there this March by which time I should have become more confident and proficient.
Would really love to get footage of Chalice Wells and the Tor.
Do you know if it’s ok to fly in that area?

Went to school in Bruton and lived in Templecombe. So many great places.
Best regards

Ni Nigel, the Tor is fairly open, but can get quite busy on nice days so you’d need to be very careful. No closer than 50 metres and if it’s a “crowd,” no closer than 150 metres. Not sure what constitutes a “crowd” though.

As for Chalice Wells, the idea is that it’s a place of peace and reflection and all that meditation and spiritual stuff. Not my cup of tea, however assuming people want a nice calming afternoon the sound of a drone buzzing around a 100ft or so above is likely to invoke some ire :wink:

I guess two’s company and three’s a crowd. :wink:
yeah I would have to stay a very respectful distance above the chalice well. May still be able to capture the essence though.
What area do you live in?
Thanks for reply btw :+1:

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We HAVE to get the Drone Code updated to use that lol! :rofl: