Hi from sunny Devon

Hi all,
Thanks to greenarmy1978 for the invite.
I’ve been flying my Phantom 3 for a few years now, and love the fact that it is so easy to manoeuvre and also the fact that it takes incredible stills and video footage. Will hopefully get some ideas of some more safe places to fly,


Enjoy @Phanny3 !! Everyone here is really friendly and helpful, even after me bombarding them with questions :grin:

Hello & welcome from sunny Wales.

Hello greenarmy1978 :-). We will have to meet up for some fly time :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mementomori

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Cant wait to get back to N.Devon with my MP. Great places to fly.

Hi @Phanny3 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Is sunny Devon still sunny this weekend?!

Have you seen our map of places to fly?

Another one here from North Devon