Hi from the Cotswolds

Just found this site and joined as looks like a wealth of information.
After having a cheapie drone I’m looking to get my first dji. Interested in the photography side of things and getting the kind of shots I’d never be able to by hand.


Hi Mark - welcome to GADC - enjoy the club :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you. :+1:

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Hi @Markglos and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

Have you seen our members map? (Click the burger-menu in the top right) You may find some pilots living near you. Feel free to add yourself to the members map too :+1:t2:

We’re a well established club with many knowledgable members so it’s very likely that any issues you come across will have been discussed here before. Our discussion forum has very powerful search features which should help you find what you need but if you get stuck you can post a new question in the #questions-and-answers category.

Looking for recommendations of places to fly? Check out our interactive map on Drone Scene - be sure to log in to gain access to the full suite of features and map layers:

Where To Fly Your Drone in the UK

Find places to fly your Drone (UAV) in the UK and share your favourite flying locations with other hobbyists pilots.

And please feel free to add locations of your own too.

Please also take a moment to look at the Membership Levels section on our FAQ as we’re quite different to other clubs and you’ll be eligible for some rather exclusive club discounts as your membership level increases :blush:

Welcome once again!


Welcome Mark, I’m sure you will find all you need to know on here and get ANY questions you have answered.

As Chris says (above), Dronescene is a very powerful link.

Thank you to both for the welcome.

I’ve got plenty of land to practise on but the links and search will be great to explore new areas to fly and photograph.

Hi there

Hi Mark. Not sure where you are in the Cotswolds however I’m in Cheltenham and just had my first proper time out with my Drone after practicing in lockdown on the drive (a bit limiting). Went down to Tirley last weekend (place suggested on here). Was great to get out and actually use the drone and Tirley is a great place to start with some nice countryside and the river.

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Hi Mark and welcome to GADC.

Thanks for the welcomes all. :+1:

Harveyaj11 - I’m not too far from Cheltenham, close enough half way on the way to bourton on the water from there.

I haven’t been too close too tirley for years but looks like it was worth the trip, your photos came out really nice, even more so for your first real go with it.

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Hi @Markglos, welcome to the club. You’re in a great area for flying and photography, I’m new to drones myself and also local to Cotswolds and I’m finding out lots of areas that are great with few airspace restrictions. What type of photography are you into?

Hi and welcome @Markglos Mark to GADC for Wells Somerset. as pointed out, there’s a wealth of info and in particular from a variety of drones to give you some idea of what to buy, which is when the real fun will start :+1: :smiley:

Hi Mark, welcome, I am a fellow new member and recently invested in my first DJI drone, a Mini II. I’d thoroughly recommend it. Having had no personal experience of DJI drones (obviously, I had done my research and watched plenty of YouTube videos!) I have been really impressed with how easy it is to fly; the speeds it can reach; the manoeuvrability; the reliability of the navigational tools (sensors, compass, GPS); the quality of the photos and videos it can capture; and the functionality of the controller / app. I’m sure that you’ll find plenty more detailed information from experienced drone pilots on here about all the drone options, but thought you might appreciate the take of someone else who is new to DJI drones.

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Hi again, thank you for all the warm welcomes. Defenitly a much nmore frieidnly vibe than most sites, normally I tend to just lerk and read without joining but really glad I joined up on here.

I’ve got just what I was after thanks to an extremely friendly chap on here that went out of his way for me.
A mavic mini and even better its the combo set so got plenty of flying time.

I used to shoot portraits more than anything else, used to have a 10-18mm to try and get into landscape photography but It just didn’t seem to happen.

After a couple years away from shooting anything more than the kids I got the drone to shoot the type of landscapes I could of only imagined with the dslr.

It flew brilliantly Friday and went through the 3 batteries practising but its been nothing but rain here since, hoping I get a long enough dry spell to get it flying today.

I flew it manually only taking photos on Friday but hoping to try out the quicskhot circle modes etc today to have a go with the video side of things.

Thanks again for the war welcome everyone.


Well done Mark. Looking forward to seeing some of the images and videos you capture.

Thanks Mark, yes was pleased with the photos and also as a shakedown trip for the Drone. Managed to find a problem where the wifi FPV went out of range after only about 80 feet which was significantly less than I was expecting (hadn’t seen a problem on it before but then was only getting about 30 feet from it before). Opened up the drone and found a plug not connected so hoping next time will be able to be a bit more adventurous.

Glad you managed to get out on Friday. Hopefully see you around in the Cotswolds.

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