Hi from the North West

Hi everyone,

My name’s Rich and I’m from Wigan.

Well, I’m from London originally, moved “tup nort” about ten years ago.

I’ve been a pilot for just a couple of months now but I’m absolutely addicted to this hobby already!!!

Anyone up for a NW meet up, just shout :smiley:

Hi Rich,

Thanks for getting in touch and making me aware of this forum.

Being from Manchester I’ll be venturing out to Wigan at some point to put my MP on the air to search for some decent pies!!

I’ll give you a shout when I’m planning coming over that way.

Fly safe.


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You won’t find any mate.

I’ve eaten them all :rofl:

But yes, in all seriousness, please do shout me up!

I spend a lot of time over at Wigan Flashes: