Hi From the Wirral

Just bought a mavic pro drone. maiden flight will be this Saturday :slight_smile: in learner mode of course!! there is a great hill in New Ferry that no one visits and overlooks the Mersey. will be using this as my launch site and definitely will not be flying over the river just yet!

Gerry L


Great feeling having your maiden flight. Bet your out of beginner mode after a battery.


Hi @Braxar and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Another north west member :man_dancing:

Weather looks good for Saturday, let us know how that maiden voyage goes mate!

Ok, so the maiden flight was delayed (went around the living room a couple of times) :smile:
took her out for a for training flight tonight and was very very impressed… easy to fly. easy to just forward direction. went through 2 batteries and as was guessed… I was out of beginner mode after the first battery. just need to get the lighting settings correct now. it was a bright evening. someone has already said that the mobile screen does not give a real feel for what you are actually recording. I going to create a flight log with some pre-flight checks as I forgot to remove the gimbal protector on the first test flight. nothing damaged as two recordings went fine.
I have a mavic pro fly more bundle and a sony m4 aqua mobile with android 6. all seemed to be fine and I stood in the shade of some trees. but a screen cover maybe worthwhile. anyway im hooked and cannot wait to shoot some great footage as I know the mavic is capable.



Glad your first flight went well mate.

You need to be really carefull flying indoors, as tempted as I am sometimes I don’t take the risk. I

Welcome Gerry (and the pacemakers :slight_smile: ) The first flight is always the hardest it’s plain sailing flying from now on

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Welcome @Braxar new myself but been a flyer since Mavic Pro was first sold :+1: good luck take care

Here’s the one that I created for myself - you may find it a useful starting point.

Checklist.xlsx (35.0 KB)

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Welcome Gerry
Hope you enjoy the banter on here a good bunch of lads very helpful.
I live in Greasby not to far away if you live in New Ferry.
The hill you mention flyi g from is it down Bolton Road where Bromborough Dock used to be.
Good luck with your flying ive only been at it the past 3 month half of that ive been rained off.

Hi there, I’m interested in hearing about good locations to fly in Wirral - was wondering about flying on the beaches on the west side but that’s all SSSI so not sure how sensible that will be.

As far as I know, the marshes on the West coast are an internationally important nesting area for migrating birds, so I suspect that drone flying may be frowned upon.

However Hilbre Island may be OK (very early in the morning before people get out there!).

Just checked and the Hilbre Islands are within the boundary of the Dee Estuary SSSI.