Hi from Thornton-Cleveleys


Very new to drone flying, so pleased to have been introduced to Grey Arrows by Rich.

I bought a Mavic Pro at the end of last year but haven’t had much time to get into it .Therefore I thought the message “Compass disconnected” was caused by something I’d done wrong, and this was why I couldn’t get the compass to calibrate. Even so, i did manage to get in about 2 hours flying in Scotland last week (obviously without RTH).

I also got some time on tinternet thingy, and found through another Mavic forum the reason for the fault was that the compass hadn’t been installed correctly at the factory! It’s now packed up and waiting for the remittance label so I can send it to be fixed under warranty.

I’m hoping to do a commercial licence course soon as I can use the drone in connection with my work on building surveys.



Hi Steve, welcome to GADC.

So you’ve not had a chance to fly with a working compass?

Hopefully not too long until you get it replaced and you will see difference is night and day.


Welcome @Steve52
Hope it is soon returned and you are back out flying again.
If you are looking at the PfCO, there are a few discounts on here, just search for PfCO. Best individual offer I found was £495 from www.skeyetrain.co.uk 3 days non-residential including night rating.
Good luck and keep us all posted on your repair/replacement,


Hi Callum
No, not yet.
I did press the RTH button but the drone shot off towards the horizon. Fortunately I was prepared, pressed the pause button, and brought it back manually.
I don’t know where it thinks I was last week, but it told me I was very close to an airport. I wasn’t! The nearest controlled airspace was 40 miles away!

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Thanks for that Mick!
I was budgeting £1000 so that’s really good.


The club also has a discount arrangement for online training …


And welcome to GADC, Steve!


Cheers OV,
a bit closer to home as well
Thank you


Hi. Hope you get a functioning drone back soon.


Thank you!


Welcome Steve to the right place for all your questions don’t be frightened to ask even we don’t know everything but someone will have read up on it

Jeff from bolton (not to far away)


Welcome to Grey Arrows @Steve52 :smiley:

Those compass issues sound like a real nightmare.

My second Mavic Pro had major compass problems, they were both connected but I was getting so many compass errors and warnings, it was a real wrongun - that one went back to the retailer :+1:

Keep us posted on the repair situation?

You’ll find in 99% of cases, DJI don’t repair your drone, they simply issue you with a replacement.

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PS. I was up your neck of the woods only last weekend, we camped in Greenhalgh, just off the A585 :smiley:


Cheers Jeff!


Thanks Rich
I’ll definately update the post as and when.
Greenhalgh must have given you some good flying opportunities


Hi I’m in Blackpool,only just joined up.Thought I would say Hi…