Hi from Warrington

Thanks for the invite.

I live in Warrington, but work in Manchester.
Don’t seem to get much flying in lately either due to crap weather or just to busy having bought a house in June that’s taking a lot of my time up.

Does the forum support Tapatalk?

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Hi @Andy_B and welcome to the Grey Arrows, great to have you on board :smiley:

Yet another North West member, poor @Londroner is going to think this is some kind of conspiracy :rofl:

I’m over in Wigan so not far from you at all! But ditto, I know exactly what you mean about the weather. I think this is where the southerners have the advantage over us northerners :wink:

If you’ve not seen it already, check out the “recommended places to fly” map:

So have you been flying for a while?

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Thinks? Knows! :sunglasses: A warm welcome nonetheless, @Andy_B, very good to have you with us. You’re not alone in being ‘grounded’ by the weather. One of the penalties for being a drone fanatic in this country, I suppose.

As for Tapatalk we don’t support it as yet but I’m sure, if enough members want it, the matter could be put before the club committee at its next meeting/pub crawl. :rofl:

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Thanks both.

Been flying for about 3 years now…started with a parrot ar drone, quickly moved to a bebop. That was followed about 8 months later by a bebop 2, which turned out to be a massive disappointment…the video quality was terrible and I returned it under warranty to parrot…who promptly sent me 2 replacements…silly people…
So, I sold the pair of them as unopened along with my sky controller.
The proceeds kitted me out with a p3a and plenty of accessories. Million times better than the parrot…

Had that for almost a year, but decided to sell up February this year, while it still had decent value, the proceeds going towards a new house deposit.

6 months on, and the house in the bag,I splashed out on the mavic.


Welcome to the forum from the North East hope you enjoy !

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Lol! Result :+1:

Another result! And a wise investment :smiley:

The wisest move so far :smiley:

So how are you finding the Mavic? And what would you say the main differences are?

I longed for a Phantom for years, literally, but when the Mavic was release date that was it, I NEEDED it!! I practically sold a kidney in order to get one :smiley:

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Love it. Its an amazing peice of kit.
Never expected should great video quality from such a small camera. I film everything in 4k, edit and upload to youtube in 4k too. Until recently, I didnt have a 4k screen to view the results on…when I did, I was blown away :slight_smile:

I record in D-log now too, experimenting with colour grading and LUT’s…you can get ome cracking results with a lot of effort!

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I’ve never been a fan of post edting, until I got my Mavic…

Since then I’ve learnt an absolute mountain of stuff!

Prime example…

Before the Mavic, I thought LUTS stood for Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and I couldn’t work out why people were discussing intimate health issues on drone forums :blush:


Another Warringtonian here. I have got several drones and a couple of them have never been flown! I don’t seem to be able to find a place to fly where I can stay well withing the law. Hoping to find someone/people whom I can to fly with? Oh, I do enjoy flying my Inductrix FPV around the house.

Welcome to you too @JKKK, I’m just down the road in Wet & Windy Wigan :+1:

Hey PingSpike. I’ve got a Mavic too! Maybe we can fly together some day :smile:

Hi @JKKK, welcome to the club. Great to have you with us.


Ive lived in Warrington for about 6 months now after moving from Lymm…not found anywhere local yet to fly, although I have marked a couple of locations out to try when monsoon season finally ends.

Myself and a few others meet up in Lymm sometimes, youre welcome to join up with us.

@Andy_B: Yeah. Count me in when you guys meet up.

@Londroner: Thanks.