Hi From Westgate on Sea, Kent


Hi Everyone,

I had a P2 with lots of add ons a few years ago, but now have a Mavic Air. Looking to ease myself into more ambitious flights, in very small steps. This club is great, and very friendly. Looking forward to some sunshine and light winds.


Simon / flames7607


Hello and welcome Simon
Have fun, the mad ones will be along to welcome you soon.


They have just let some of us out for the day !.
The last release day was “A day out at Gatwick” that was a great day out for the boys, we got lot of Drone flying in, but…
strange, never saw a plane all day? :wink:
Welcome Simon (@flames7607) , from all the Mad ones !


Ditto what that man said
Hi Simon welcome to the madhouse we call Grey arrows sorry I mean home


So Jeff, you enjoyed the day out as well ?:rofl:


Thought it was for the week ?


Na!, that was only if you were in the terminal !.


@chrisjohnbaker, @sparkman999, I was waiting for you both on the Severn Bridge yesterday with my ham roll.
Some nice men came and took me away :disappointed:


OOOh!, like that one !


Were they to tight to go to “Subway” for there dinner !


I think they went in the services for some krispy kreme doughnuts.


Areeee. that answers why they were going round in circles looking for you !


Must have been the same “blind cops” at the Tower in Blackpool the other day.


Hi @flames7607 and welcome to Grey Arrows, glad you could join us :smiley:

Pay no attention to this lot out on their day release, you’ll get used to them soon :rofl:

So Simon, how are you finding the Air to fly, compared to the Phantom 2??


OMG, you ARE all mad !

I should fit in fine here !

On a serious note, The Phantom 2 was best described as “fiddly” Although great at its time, I was always having to re-calibrate the drone and controller on the laptop, it was bulky to carry around - even in it’s bright yellow padded case. Video signal could be problematic, even with upgraded antenna, which made you look like a mobile Soviet listening station.All the different bits needed charging before I flew, so drone, monitor, go-pro, remote.

I guess the hassle is why it’s sat idle for the last 3 years.

On to the Air - what a difference 4 years makes. It’s compact (the main reason I chose it over the MP) the camera is fantastic, and it’s been well thought out. I got the “fly more” pack with it (from Jessops) and they threw in and extra battery, giving me 4 in total. Everything charges at once, and all fits into a shoulder bag.

As for flying - i’ve only done a very small amount so far, but in terms of stability it’s light years ahead of the P2. Holds position perfectly, and doesn’t drift (yet) I never really trusted the P2 to the point I could take my eyes off it for a few seconds.

The cost of the P2 when I got it, with all the bits that I added, probably came out the wrong side of £1200. My air cost me £770 all in, so a lot more for a lot less.


It did have it’s moments though. Here are a couple of photos that were taken PRE REGULATION (altitude)

The first is the runway at Manston (a couple of years after it closed) The second is the town of Margate and the harbour.

I qualified as a pilot (PPL) in the 90’s and flew for 10 years on and off, both in the UK and the US. I also come from a law enforcement background, so when I flew pre-regulation, it was always with due diligence towards safety and peoples privacy.

In the 80’s and 90’s, there were incidents with firearms (Hungerford and Dunblane) which led to extreme restrictions of legitimate firearms enthusiasts. I see the same happening with drones - everyone will get punished because of the actions of a few idiots. Whilst the two issues are very different (mass murder vs Gatwick disruption) the knee-jerk reaction of the Country/government/snowflakes will be more and more restrictions. It will be pointless legislation, as the idiots who are causing the problems don’t play by the rules anyway. And to be honest, (speaking from experience) the Police have far more important things to do than try and enforce drone legislation.

Rant over - enjoy the view that is the Isle of Thanet, and a very long ex runway


Like a box of frogs :frog::crazy_face:


Seriously, Welcome @flames7607 (Simon) to a great Forum, sit back pour a vino, and enjoy the chat.
Please feel free to chime in when you feel like it, ask questions, and there is always some “mad bugger” who will give you an answer !.
Many of our members are very experienced Drone Flyers, and we are here to help each other, meet up, have a beer (or two) and generally get into the spirit of enjoying our Hobby.


Hi @flames7607, I’m just down the road at Herne Bay,


Hi Dick @marinemavic

That’s great. I have a little part time job in Herne Bay (retired from full time working)

It’s a small world. I drive past the Pier on a regular basis each day - I wonder how far out that is, and do I have the balls to fly the Air out there . . . . . . ?