Hi from York

New member based in York. Purely recreational no pfco.
Hope to meet a few of you guys soon. Cheers


Hi Paul and welcome … what do you fly then?

Hi Paul, and welcome to the family.

Hi Paul :wave:
Some lovely areas around York, look forward to seeing some of your pics/videos

Hi Paul / @la4501, and welcome to GADC. :+1:

A significant number of our members also own the Mavic Pro … so you are amongst good company.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll see there are a few other members in your neck of the woods, some of whom I’m sure will come and say Hi.

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The forum’s search functions are a very efficient way to find previous threads and posts that might already have covered topics in which you are interested in learning more or answer that niggling question but, when this doesn’t turn up what you’re after, there’s a wealth of knowledge amongst the members, so ask away over on #questions-and-answers.

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown in the past … which, obviously, doesn’t necessarily mean they are still OK to fly and, as always, any pilot needs to check that everything’s OK before flying at any of them.

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Welcome aboard!

Welcome Paul

Hi Paul and welcome

Hi Paul. Welcome to the best and friendliest bunch of misfits.
I’m only down the road from York and Milkmanchris is down the road from Selby. I’ve always wanted to film the hot air balloons taking off from York but never mange to catch them.
Any questions, just ask, someone will have an answer.
Best wishes, hope to meet up

Thanks to all for your kind welcomes.
Brian, the hot air ballon question has been on my mind today.
I live 5 mins from the Knavesmire and watched them take off today.
One thing that I pondered on was that NATS drone assist showed no warnings about them at the location. Do they have to follow any rules or regs about announcing potential flights etc. Also does anyone know what the state of affairs is regarding their what permissions they need to fly.
If for example I was Using my drone on the knavesmire and used Drone assist to Notify other users I’m flying there that day. could they come and ask me to leave.
What would be classed as a safe distance from them. Cheers

Brian please take a look at my other post here. Thanks.

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Hi Paul / @la4501 - glad you could join us mate :smiley:

I think 99% of the people here are hobbyists. And if I think about it a bit harder still, of the 1% that have their PfCO, they all started as hobbyists too :blush:

No, probably not, you’re as entitled to be there as much as any other airspace user is.

But in the interests of public safety you might want to exercise some caution in rare situations like that :blush:

Thanks PingSpike. Annoying thing for me is they are on the Knavesmire which is five mins from my home and where Im doing my flying. Its an ideal spot for me can stand right in the middle on my own and practise my flying.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not opposed to them in anyway. Im just trying ti get a handle on whether I have to bow to their needs or I can still fly as long as common sense and Drone rules are followed.

I live overlooking the Knavesmire and they wake me up half the time.

There are worst things to be woken up by though. Mustn’t grumble!

They’re usually gone by 7am… It’s never stopped me flying on the Knavesmire. Just wait until they’ve gone and it’s all clear.

Or you could walk over into the middle of the racecourse, well away from them?

I took this with a Spark.


Im fairly sure that if you approach the organiser/pilot of the balloon flight and let them know that you are flying he would allow you to film them inflating the balloon and then floating into the sky. Obviously keeping a safe distance at all times. It’s better that you let them know who you are and that you are aware of your safety responsibilities towards other aircraft rather than just rocking up and buzzing around them. We wouldn’t want them filing an Airprox report about a drone flying near them, it’d be just another thing for the hand wringing authorities to use against us.

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Hi @la4501 I’m not a million miles from you and work down at the Uni.

Lots of great places to fly within an hours drive, give me a shout if you fancy a meet up, you’ll recognise the pano below and can maybe even spot your house or close by ;o).

Often thought about about approaching the hot air balloon guys about getting some shots, but I know they use go pros on long poles and ropes and have some stunning shots of their own.


Howdo n welcome.

I’m not too far from you either :+1:

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Hi Paul and welcome I live far away in Lancashire…