Hi-jacked flight

So you register you flight on NATS get to where your launching & spend 15 mins in the air only to be hi-jacked not once but twice in my ‘airspace’ lol.
Firstly forced to get out the way & land by a little Super Cub or Cessna buzzing along extremely low obviously circling & taking photos. Ok he goes after 10-15 mins then some holiday maker starts zipping about with his little red Mavic air NOT keeping 50m away from the people around & ‘entertaining’ the nearby drinkers in a terrace flying maybe 7-10 m above their heads WTAF
Spoke nicely to them, commenting how well he’s coping with the gusty wind & not flying into things he was so close too. Asked him if he’d seen my flight notification. “Nah, had a quick look nearby but do t really bother” came the reply. “Oh I’ve got my licence & operators ID on it, if it crashes into anything”
How thoughtful. Now I’m worried as I’m the one with the notification should anyone complain. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

What would you of done?

I’d of blipped the throttle on my quad and embarrassed him lol

I’d packed up because of the light aircraft flying low & circling (following the rules lol)
Know what you mean though but he was flying around in sport mode so close to walls & people. Absolute c*ckwomble

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Sadly that’s the kind of behaviour that gives drone operators a bad name :rage:


Sadly he knew the rules too. Bet he didn’t social distance too :man_shrugging: