Hi there - Lancashire - Accrington

Hi everyone I’m Nigel from Lancashire. Just new to the drone scene and bought myself a mini 2. Hoping to go out and fly soon


Hi Nigel @Pezza

Where in Lancashire? It’s a big place :blush:


Hi @Pezza

Hi Nigel am from Southport welcome to the club :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: by any chance did I bump into you yesterday flying?

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No not me Sam

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Clayton le moors near Accrington

Thanks @Pezza looks like there is some good parks round your way to practice at.

Yes sam about 50 yards away. Looking forward to getting out soon

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Safe flying am heading out now for a bit

accrington stanley, who are they
Sorry couldn’t help it. Well if you remember the ad. welcome Nigel. Its a great club.

Yes a big fan of Accrington Stanley

Sorry couldn’t resist.
Some of the younger ones on here may not have seen this

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