Hi, Will from Hampshire

Hey All, Impressed with how many members here!
I’m on the Surrey/Hampshire border and have had an Air, have an Air2 and am now battling with learning DJI FPV -which is making me feel like I’ve never flown before!- fpv mode that is. About 5 hrs into a sim, slowly getting there.


Hi @far2ezee and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Thanks Chris, appreciated.

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HI Far2,

I must be near by - but being close to Farnbourgh airport kinda sucks!

Welcome of the club!

Hey Mate, other than a pretty cool event once a year it must make flying a proper pain in the arsse :slight_smile: So I’m in Hindhead so not far away


Farnham here… is it only the DJI you FPV or have you got other birds?

This is my first- have been watching it for some time as something I’d love to try but am mechanically inept. Might be the case of trying out on this and then buying others. Have had a mavic air and then an air2 but no other fpv.

Hi mate

If your ever in this neck of the woods give me a shout

Will do, I bet there’s a few decent spots down the A31 to Winchester.