High winds? No problem!

Saw this on one of the Yuneec forums:

Amazing how well it holds up in the wind! Check the end out for the results, it’s crazy.

For those who have the Yuneec H520, what’s it like? Would you recommend it?

After dropping too much £ for an Inspire 2 and another £600 on batteries, thinking I should have purchased a Yuneec :joy:.


That’s an impressive test.
Not a drone i would pick though, a mate had one, was full of buggy software.

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Fly the Yuneec Typhoon H480 (H Pro) got to say it seems to handle winds of up to 30 mph very well. The H520 is the H Plus the Pro’s big brother (40mm bigger diameter).

No issues with software as Yuneec seem to have sorted the bugs by the time I purchased mine. (Typhoon H Firmware EU V3.04, Gimbal: v1.25, Autopilot: v1.35, Camera: v3.2.34).


Makes me glad I got my H.


I had a look at one at the Drone Show and it seemed pretty good especially as the guy demoing said that it had been waterproofed and Yuneec were looking at bringing it out. Unfortunataley they haven’t done that so not got one. Yes it’s good in wind and the fact that you can lose one prop and it still flies is a nice safety feature but the cameras aren’t really up to DJI standard and my experience of trying to get pictures/video in high winds isn’t good as the drone gets knocked about too much.

The back up isnt there in the UK weeks and weeks for spares and repairs

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Handles them winds pretty well, it’s quite stable