Highgreat Zerotech Hesper drone parts


I have just joined your drone club as I am newbie, but hoping to learn from some of the experts here. I own 2 drones atm, a Highgreat Zerotech Hesper and an MJX Bugs 4W.

Anyone know where you can get hold of parts for the Hesper drone? I have tried the company on Ebay that supplied men he said his supplier can’t get parts either!!, I have also tried directly with Zerotech and Highgreat on their websites…I didnt even get a response after at least 4 emails to each company.

So other than waiting for a faulty Hesper to crop up, Ive run out of ideas…Anybody had more luck than me?


Welcome to Grey Arrows John @Hawk3y3100

Mate, that’s a tough one, I can’t even find anyone in the UK that sells them, never mind parts :confused:

Is/was it cloned do you know, under a different brand name at some point?

Hi PingSpike
No not that I am aware of…quite alot of info on youtube about it and no probs finding suppliers on Ebay, but, nobody willing to supply parts.
Looks like my stupid mistake for not taking into account after sales!! :frowning:


Have you tried Aliexpress?

You may have to wait on the slow boat from China though.



Thanks for the suggestion Nidge, sadly I have already tried them, they only sell the remote and the props…same with Gearbest :pensive:

I think my only hope is one that is being sold for spares…but I live in hope!!


Are either active on any social media?

Sometimes a good way to get a response when your question is public.

Good thinking Callum, will look into that! :grinning:



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