Home insurance covers drone - allegedly!

My home and contents insurance is due for renewal and as M&S, who we were with last year, have just put their price up I was shopping around on Money Supermarket for a better quote.

I finally plumped for Sun Life, which was half the price (contents including 2 phones and an expensive laptop + buildings cover - £148). While I was talking to them on the phone I asked the awful question “is my drone covered”. The advisor had to go away and check and to my complete surprise came back and said yes it was covered. I asked if that was whilst I was using it and she said yes.

I will check again because I really don’t believe it but I’ll let you know if it is the case.

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Mine isn’t, I’m with Halifax… BUT, if I were to fly my drone in the house and it caused damage to anything then that would still be covered, but definitely not the drone.

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Ash, and anyone else who may potentially claim against their home insurance for a damaged drone, be cautious of what that claim will cost you for the next five years of increased premiums.

Even if you change provider you’ll still be asked if you made a claim on a previous policy.

I think the 5x year hike in your premiums will cost more than the drone you claimed for :confused:


I’d agree with that.

Edit: Remember …. you never get something for nothing! :wink:
(Especially in the world of insurance!)

I get 2 for 1 at the cinema

Just as I thought. The person I spoke to yesterday said that it would be classed as sporting goods and not covered whilst in use!

You’re all right about the increased premiums as well. I think the only time insurance comes int its own is in the case of a complete disaster. Definitely not worth claiming for a £500 phone.
Although, having said that, my boat sank in Poole Harbour in 2013 and despite paying out £13K, the company was happy to keep me as a customer with no increase in premium over the following years.


Unlike the poor merchant banker whose 40’ boat washed up on Brownsea Island in the same storm, having taken out another 4 on the way. He wasn’t insured!!! :sob: Not a lot of sympathy forthcoming!

Don’t even mention Pet Insurance!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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