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OK, another newbie question. I’m still waiting for my tablet to arrive, so can’t set up anything yet but when I was flying my Naza with OSD, if you got a little disoriented, there was an indicator on the screen which showed you in which direction to fly for your take off point. Is there anything on the RC screen like this? G

Yes, there is indeed mate.

There’s a red arrow on the map showing your drone, and the direction it’s flying in. There’s also a ‘flight route’ line, showing where you’ve been, and a green H on the map showing the home point.

So you could technically fly purely by the map, or like most of us, just refrer to the map when you lose sight / oritentaion :slight_smile:

This kind of map / route is available during flight, and detailed telematics are available after the flight has ended:

Thanks for that, really appreciate the time you’ve taken to answer. I easily get confused (an age thing) and realise I could use RTH but it’s always nice to know where you are!

No problem, you’re welcome!

Top tip, when you take off the ‘home point’ is automatically updated to your current location.

Give that map a quick glance before flying away, just make sure that green home point icon is where you are actually stood, and not several miles away :smiley:

Splitting hairs … but it’s updated to the MP’s current position.

For … #cough … “reasons”, … I have taken off when I’ve been a distance from my MP. :wink:
Knowing the difference that day was important. It’s useful to know where RTH will take it. LOL!

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Thanks again. Look in tomorrow for the next question !

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Well, yes :blush:

But I didn’t think anyone would take off from a location that they themselves are not currently in.

I might have know you would lol :rofl:

Sardinia, WRC, wasn’t sure of the … rules … where I was (in the frigging middle of nowhere - when the WRC isn’t in town! … well, not town, but … ) so, via phone, I tell my friend when to put it down, switch it on, and to tell me when I can take off … I fly … I do my thing … then I land where I am.
Reduced the chances of “someone” finding the pilot. They’d tend to go to where it took off. :wink:

I was the other side if the WRC route … about 50m from take-off.

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I like your plan!!

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