-hotshot with lumecubes

Not tried a night flight with them yet but fits in nicely.

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Have you flown with them at all?

Just took it up in the garden. Drone seems to be feeling heavy and would imagine a reduced flight time. Was certainly stable in hover mode.

Yeah - I’ve flown with them several times - not tested max flight time, but managed 15 minutes OK.

The only word of caution I’d make, that you may have already discovered for yourself, is that there is a shift in the Centre-of-Gravity forwards, by quite a bit.

The most important aspect of this is needing a quick take-off. Once in the air it happily sorts itself out. But a hesitant take-off can see it lifting only at the rear resulting in front prop damage.

My old P2 was modified to shift the gimbal and GoPro well forward to avoid the props appearing in view …. so I’d already discovered this some years ago (without it actually tipping and causing prop damage, luckily - the P2’s H33D gimbal wasn’t tolerant to such moves.)

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this was my solution , cost me £4 for all four. can be seen easily at 1440 ft,. I got them from poundland in the uk. I have not found them since. I put one on each arm, so the balance is perfect and the flight time has not reduces significantly

LumeCubes are so NOT anything to do with being able to see your drone! They are hugely bright lights for illuminating things.

eg: This was taken on my DSLR in the pitch black of the middle of the night of a new-moon, all the illumination coming from my MP with LumeCubes.

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In DJO GO 4 there is a setting for the ‘prop guards fitted’
It increases the PIDs, Might be worth a try to compensate for the extra weight
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

The extra weight really isn’t an issue - it’s the forward shift in CoG that just needs a swift take-off.
I’m even wondering if the increased PIDs might amplify that problem?