How Close is your Mavic Pro to Objects

I always fly with my mavic in view/sight, but when i fly looking at my phone screen, it appears im flying really close to something, but when i look up to my mavic im about 5 meters away from it. Wondering if anybody knows how close you can get looking at ur screen. If you understand what im trying to say ?

I think i understand. Its the whole ‘objects in your mirror appear closer/further than they are’

Same situation with viewing through a camera… the object will always look closer. Its to do with mirrors and magnification that is naturally formed with the setup for quality.

Just be thankful it isnt appearing to far away and if you want to look closer… zoom in :wink:

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I get that all the time!

On the screen it looks like I’m flying really close to the trees but when I look up I’m bloody miles above them!

Also on the (very) rare occasion that I take off from my back garden, when I come in to land I stay really high (to avoid pissing off ths neighbours), fly directly overhead then come straight down.

Only problem is, when I think I’m over my lawn and start to come down, I often find I’m no where near my lawn and I’m about to land on my neighbours trampoline :rofl:

Since then, I always flip the camera directly downwards when coming in on the approach to land :blush:

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Im looking at my screen thinking jesus christ im close. Look up and im miles away lol