How do folks! I'm a new drone owner and love this site! Thanks for all the great info, tips, pics and vids!

Hello folks. Here’s a video from my 2nd ever drone flight, from Burley Moor near Ilkley moor. I’ve played around with the colour grading, and added some sound to create something that, hopefully, relects the calm beauty of the place:


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Welcome once again!

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Hi Stuart - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hi Stuart, Welcome to GADC. Nice video, the sounds effects really work. :+1:

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Hi Stu, and Welcome.

Is that the route up Coldstone Beck? Along with Ilkley Moor another beautiful place I can see from my bedroom window but can no longer get to. Thank you for sharing :clap:


Hi @StuBot - Which part of the country are you located?

If only all drones were as quiet as that makes it seem, there might be (one or two) fewer anti-droners! :wink:


Thanks MilkmanChris
It was the Dronescene map that led me to the Grey Arrows page - a fantastic resource.
Thanks for having me!

Thanks Nidge,
I’m sorry to hear you’re unable to get up on Burley Moor - it’s such a lovely place.
And yes indeed ! That is Coldstone Beck
The ‘pile of rubble’ is Little Skirtful of Stones - a neolithic cairn dating from 3-4000 BCE

Thanks Drumsagard
I just used sounds I got from a free sound effects website.
I’m thinkin of getting a little portable digital recorder so I can record sounds from the ‘field’ to get a more accurate soundtrack.

Welcome and Great video, nice touch too lighting the fire on the moor :wink::+1:

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Welcome Stuart to GADC :grinning:

:joy: :joy: :joy: Ha ha
Well, it was a nice day so I thought I’d have a fly about and a barbeque :scream:

Seriously though, it was the moor ‘keepers’ doing their heather burning. It was interesting to see how controlled it was, and made for a nice shot.

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Thanks for the tip!

Welcome to GADC Stuart
Nice video and really good sound effects

Great video and that kestrel wasn’t bothered

I enjoyed the Sky Lark, all too unusual, now.

Very well done, and excellent selection of sounds. I enjoyed it.

I’m glad you liked it.
It was a Red Kite that swooped down to get a closer look at the drone! I would have liked to have got a closer look at it, but I retreated so it didn’t injure its self on the rotors or fly off with my drone! :smile: