How do I find out the AMSL of a specific location

When applying to fly in my local FRZ, I have to provide 2 numbers (AGL and AMSL).
AGL is easy (400 ft, 120m), but AMSL is not so straight forward. I have been using this web site: Find the Elevation on a Map, but wondered if anyone had a less clunky solution?
I notice that there is an elevation tool in Drone Scene… is this the same thing?

Yup, it is.

The Drone Scene map also has contours that give the same (perhaps a little more accurate) info. (Easier to spot and find height values in in hilly areas.)

Whilst there is an obvious logic to this request (though not heard of before), I’m surprised that within an FRZ there’s sufficient variation in the terrain for them to need this level of detail - and I’d have thought they take the airfield AMSL, allow 400ft for a drone, and then add a safety value.

They’ll have your TOAL location, too … so chances are they could do an AMSL estimate themselves.

Which airport is this?

Coventry … you can see ‘my’ NOTAMs :slight_smile:

I may raise a change request for Drone Scene as when you select the elevation tool, the cursor changes to a small cross, but as soon as you ‘enter’ a FRZ, it changes to a hand again. I could turn off the layers, but maybe when I have the elevation tool selected, that should take precedence?

Clicking about, and referencing contours, the elevation tool is OK … most of the time. Sometimes it throws a strange value … I checked the top of Ben Nevis … it’s more than 590m. :laughing: (… as shown by the contours.)


But, most other places it should be good enough for your needs.

I noticed that - but it’s simple to just turn off the layer that’s in the way. :wink:

Yeah - in the middle of the Warwickshire Alps. :rofl:

It’s bleeding flat around there … to all intents and purposes. Used to live not far from there. (Fletchampstead Highway).

Its a shame your not still here … be nice to meet up :slight_smile:
I dont know why they want AMSL, but its listed as one of the things you have to supply with a request:

To request permission to fly inside the FRZ/RPZ/ATZ, please send the following details to at least 7 days in advance.

Time and Date of Flight
Location (Postcode and/or Lat/Long Coordinates)
Operating Height (AGL and AMSL)
Name and Address of Operator
E-mail and Contact Number of Operator

Link here: Coventry Airport Environment | Coventry Airport
It must be the mountains on the Stoney Stanton Road :joy:

I notice that the precision of the Elevation Tool is “zoom dependant”, too.
When zoomed right in, the elevation tool gives increments of 10m (but that should still be good enough for your needs), and the more zoomed out the larger the steps … 100m steps when fully zoomed out.

I reckon they’re being slightly over-pedantic, even though there’s a logic to it.

It’s a few years ago … King Henry VIII School days. But the terrain’s not changed that much since. :wink:

Bing Maps has an OS Maps layer you can switch to. Very useful generally, but unless there’s a nearby spot height, you’d have to follow the contours to a label.

You will see progress has already been made with Drone Scene :slight_smile:

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Drone scene map is nice, but I prefer the online (free) OS Map explorer for pinning down locations and elevations.

Partly because I like having grid references for my TOAL instead of lat lon (and what3words can FRO), partly as OS are the de facto benchmark for elevation data for the UK.

I would imagine though that the data is comparatively expensive for third parties to licence?

Here’s the Ben-Nevis example for contrast: