How do you Stabilize a sequence of photos

I was filming this mornings sunrise with a hill’s monument as the foreground feature, with a shot taken every 2 seconds.
Unfortunately as can be imagined, my M2Z drifted by small amounts between the 500+ shots, thus making the final timelapse sequence a bit jumpy.
Now i suppose I could just go ahead and run the finished movie through a regular movie stabilizer, but is there a simple way of stabilizing the photo sequence without having to learn level 10 photoshop or whatever?
Some years ago I spent over a week manually correcting an image sequence taken from a boat, but surely theres a easy method nowadays

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You’ve mentioned Photoshop? Are you a Photoshop user or do you want something free?

If photoshop you’ve got the scripts to load them into a stack (not sure if that’s what you want) or you can add every photo as a layer and then auto align the layers. Pretty simple.

Otherwise YouTube is your friend.

Most video editors have a stabilise function (as you note, and it is the easiest and quickest way)

Have a read (whole thread) on my playings a while ago

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Which video editor do you use?

Although I’ve got photoshop, ive always found it a bit confusing to use, although as you mention, when I know what Im trying to achieve & someone has done a step by step video tutorial then I’ll try and copy their steps.
Any chance you could link to such a tutorial on this ‘stack’ method of alignment - much appreciated :smiley:

I see that Final Cut did a nice stabilization of your motorway video, but Id been thinking that Id be able to retain a higher picture quality if the photos were stabilized first before being assembled into a video.

The video editor I find easiest & most intuitive to use is Movavi video Editor

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No personal experience of that one to be able to assist. Sorry.

Someone else may be able to.

Depends on what your output resolution is going to be, and which platform?

Do you intend to keep the ratio as is or crop to 16:9?

Well I’d like to stabilize the raw DNG shots first before processing them to bring out the foreground detail.
Only when happy with that will I convert to a 4K MP4. (I usually crop to 1.8:1 which is very close to 16:9)


Ok - So I found a tutorial on auto aligning layers & processed 100 shots
Seems the auto align is mostly for panoramas & stacked macro shots etc
Heres what it gave me …

Any other ideas?

This is close enough to how I would do it.

Export your layers as separate images after which he doesn’t show


That looks pretty promising,I’ll give it a go

Personally id just use LRTimelapse or whatever to create the image but in full, unshrunk resolution so you have plenty of scope for the stabilisation to work well.
Then its into Adobe with warp stabiliser, Resolve or so on to stabilise that high res video before exporting at 4k or whatever you want.

Auto align layers in PS is going to struggle if there’s lateral movement causing parallax shifts. You might or might not get away with it depending on foreground subjects and amount of motion.