How low can you go

Having a play with the typhoon H at Morecambe Bay


You have plenty of nerve, and its a cool video… However, I wouldn’t advice or try it with my mavic 2 pro. The downward sensors sometimes mess up around water… besides which flying that low a quick just of wind pushes the drone down it hits the water tips over and bye bye drone.

The Typhoon H is bit of a beast, it’ll take a fair bit of wind to alter its intended course :blush:


I’ll try find some video of a flight I did at loch lomond trying to beat my speed record.

Max tilt on the M2P doing about 46mph less than a foot above the water.

Was that low at one point you could see the trail on the water. :rofl:

Probably not the best idea.


I was about 6" off the water with the camera in that video. As I was getting in position it did touch the water, I’ve never hit the throttle so hard in my life, as I did then. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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