How low do you go? land and sea


Great footage.
40 seconds into this was low enough for me. Ironically about 5 seconds later I was too close to some geese! You can’t win :roll_eyes:


Hmmm - that should create an embedded player with the URL only on it’s own line. Strange. I think Vimeo recently restricted the embedded player from people with a free account … which is a shame.

And which is also really weird! Since your first post of the same clip has the embedded player. Isle of Lewis :thinking:

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love the geese in that

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There was a video that @SpininB posted a while back which was seriously low to the water too… Can’t find it now though.

You’re all braver than I am… I’ll stick to 400ft altitude, much safer up there :rofl:


It was really windy i gona get lower this weekend!! the mavic air seems to be ok lower than my mavic2 is


If you work it out let me know! :man_shrugging:


We’re trying to work out what’s not happening that should be. :wink:


I’ve been that low with both my Tarot and CX-20 I was creating decent prop wash on the surface of the water, if that helps.
But if you have a week heart I don’t recommendations it.


Forum software update now lets it work for those that are not Vimeo Plus subscribers. :+1: