How things Change

My interest in model flying, started many years ago, with a veron robot a/c built from plans, a receiver, and single valve pulse transmitter , again built by myself, the control surface was the rudder, operated by a rubber band tensioned, mechanical actuator, servos as such were unknown and a beast of a motor with compression screw, flick started by the prop. it was hand launched, one push of the button right rudder, double push left. Happy days.
I subsequently moved over the R/C helicopters, transmitters, receivers, readily available, I readily adapted to mode two , I gradually moved from novice, to experienced pilot, flew several acrobatic tournaments and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Move on to three years ago, a friend jokingly said, you’ll be getting a drone next my reply ''never on gods earth, late july 2022 not having flown for several years, I began reading up on them !! I will never forget flying a 'copter heads in the first time, I was terrified of forgetting the stick operation in this situation, if I got wrong, I could have been seriously injured, the fact that I wasn’t is testimony, and I wasn’t decapitated. but I readily admit to be scared to death, held in the hover 20 feet away., with 6ft rotor blades sounding like a buzz saw.
So August this year, having familiarised myself, drone code, CAA requirements, took the plunge Mini 1, loved it, two weeks later Mini 2, I’m delighted with it. So what is the point of this, I have learnt to be more observant with regard to wind conditions, it is no effort to chuck several pounds weight of heli,in gale force conditions, but with a sub 250 drone , it is entirely different, and I’m treating the subject very carefully, so as experienced as I think I am, keeping it slow and low for the time being is my mantra along with what shall I upgrade to next ?? Consider me well and truly converted

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The mini2 is far more capable in the wind than people, or its manufacurer, give it credit for. Its only rated for 24mph but I can tell you I have flown in wide open spaces in much stronger winds with gusts that were almost knocking me off my feet. LOTS of wind warnings mind you, but I could still fly her safely home.

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thanks for the reply, I’ve seen and read other views on it’s wind capabilities, I am sure I will learn more as I progress, your input is appreciated

if you can fly acro with a heli you should def look at getting an FPV drone that you can fly in ‘acro’ mode - no self levelling. Hop on one of the simulators and give it a go I’m sure it’ll come to you very quickly.

hya thanks for the words of encouragement, those days are long behind me, I’m an old codger now, but I is something I will bear in mind. Ray

Manufacturer wind ratings are rarely accurate on a safety basis. They’re really rating it for the performance they expect from the gimbal to stay steady and not jolt around with the aircraft’s attitude going out of its range to track its subject.

Know exactly what you mean about the wind. Wind warnings are scary at first then you begin to appreciate that they are exactly that “warnings” it is still possible to fly but only if surroundings allow

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Learning to interpret the attitude indicator in terms of what’s in the aircraft’s tolerance is a much better indication of whether things are getting close to being out of what’s actually the safe operating envelope than what they say in the manual.

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thanks for the encouragement

And therein lies my problem, with a chopper you maintain vlos at all times and there not equipped with altitude indicators, taking my eye off of the bird to look at a screen, is a totally new experience, and at the moment not entirely happy to do so, old habits die hard and this goes against all my previous flying experience, but I completely agree with your comment, I shall have to adjust my mental attitude. Thanks for your input.

I am beginning to appreciate that fact

Fascinating story you tell. I’d love to see photos - particularly of your large heli! I flew am Align 500 which I loved but am in awe of those who can fly aerobatics and large scale models.

I remember at a show seeing a 9 year old boy fly a 750 about doing the usual aerobatics. At height he then cut the engine, more aerobatics while descending and the finale was from some 300’ distance he inverted the heli flying towards him (and us), skipped over a hedge, smoothly came to a hover and with a nip of negative pitch flipped it over and gently landed. We all applauded!

That was a really good read, I too have seen some remarkably young pilots do things i would never attempt, It;s a few years ago and i’ve moved house twice, i’ll see if i can dig up a photo, thanks for responding.