How to change flight parameters on a DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Inspire 2

Hi everyone,

After I rolled my Mavic Pro firmware back to .700 a few of you have asked about altering some of the parameters after that, in order to remove NFZ restrictions, remove height limits, enable faster Sport Mode, faster RTH options, etc.

There are a couple of prerequisites to this.

The first being that you’re NOT using one of the newer versions of the DJI Assistant 2 application as once again DJI are starting to tighten things up. Anything from Assistant 2 v1.1.6 onwards will NOT work. So if you do have that installed, uninstall it first. Fully. Then install Assistant 2 v1.1.2 which you can grab from:


The second prerequisite, certainly for the Mavic Pro, is that you’re on firmware version v01.03.0700 or as it’s commonly referred to, simply .700 as some parameters will work on .800 and .900 but if you’re looking to disable NFZ then you need .700 (or lower).

Once you’re got the right version of Assistant installed you’ll need to then enable Developer / Debug mode. I already had the older version installed because I’d simply not updated mine since the day I got the drone, so you may already be on an older version of Assistant too? To enable Developer / Debug mode you simply need to uncomment one line within the Assistant config to reveal all the hidden settings.

I’ll hand you over to our friend digdat0 for a video on how to do that in a moment. In his video he also lists some changes you can make. Recently he’s been getting a lot of flack for providing details on how to remove certain limitations from your drone so he’s actually been removing or editing the videos that cover things like NFZ, etc.

Anyway, check out his video as it explains how to change the parameters. The process is the same for every parameter so once you’ve changed one, you’ll know how to change all and any of the others :+1:

Again, if you’re looking for NFZ, his video states “we’ll just enter a 2 in here for now” which, having tried it myself, does not work :wink:

Here are the most common parameters people change, you can pick and choose which ones to change, but you must apply them all for each ‘group’ below in order for it to work:

Naturally, use any of these at your own risk. Fly responsibly, people!

Enhanced Sport Mode - More info:
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_tilt_atti_range = 43 (35 stock)
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_vel_up= 9
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_vel_down = -10
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_acc_up = 9
g_config_mode_sport_cfg_vert_acc_down = -10
g_config_fw_cfg_max_speed = 20
brake_sensitive_gain = 110
g_config_mode_mode_sport_cfg_rc_scale = 1
g_config_control_dyn_tilt_min = 28

Enhanced GPS Mode - More info:
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_tilt_atti_range = 25
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_vel_up = 8
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_vel_down = -6
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_acc_up = 8
g_config_mode_normal_cfg_vert_acc_down = -6

Remove Height Restrictions - More info:
g_config_flying_limit_height_limit_enabled = 2
g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_abs_without_gps = 3000
g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_abs = 3000
g_config_flying_limit_limit_height_rel = 3000

Disable No Fly Zones (NFZ)
g_config_airport_limit_cfg_cfg_disable_airport_fly _limit = 1
g_config_airport_limit_cfg_cfg_limit_data = 20250910

Remove wind warnings - More info:
g_config_air_est_big_wind_level1 = 8
g_config_air_est_big_wind_level2 = 11

Increase RTH Speed
g_config_go_home_gohome_idle_vel = 13

Level Gimbal On Automatic Landing
g_config_landing_ctrl_gimbal_pitch_to_horiz_enable 1 (0)


Thanks for sharing Rich :+1:

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I’m guessing, for the same/similar reasons 1.14.0100 cannot be rolled back, it’s not possible to disable NFZs on 1.14.0100?
Would so like to be able to hover in the garden to check things out.
NFZs should permit a 3m height/range limit … just for me and people like me, :wink:

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My back garden backs onto a school field and when I went to have a play with camera settings it have me the all clear to take off and I’m pretty sure I’m up to date on my firmware. I’ll have to check

My garden is 300m from an international airport runway … :frowning:
Schools aren’t part of the DJI flying restrictions database.

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That be why then :grimacing:
Not yet anyway :roll_eyes:

Yes, I’d say you’re probably right there mate.

That’s not an unreasonable request, we could probably go safely to 10m without any risks at all.

They’re not, no… but the NATS app shows a big yellow warning over the school down the road from me. But DJI don’t seem to care about that :roll_eyes:


I’m sure the new UK regs in 2018 will factor in all sorts of new limitations which DJI will happily build in to each new firmware release :cry:

do you know how to modify - active tracking height ? I would like to follow object when Mavic is at 1 meter height not… 3 meters,
at this moment you have this message saying to low…when you trying to select object…

Thank you

Hi @lukasz and welcome to Grey Arrows :slight_smile:

I’m not sure you actually can…

The only Active Track reference I could find was this one:


Are you active on #slack? Might be worth an ask in there :wink:

~slack? what is this?

This looks like exactly what I am looking for, YAY :grin:

Thank you!
Keith :sunglasses:

Welcome to Grey Arrows from the other side of the planet @stormswa :+1:

Glad we could help :slight_smile:

Is there any way you can give me access to download the old version of Assistant?

I’d really like to modify my wind settings if at all possible.


same here.

I have been through this and found everything aside from the above, anyone any ideas, for the Mavic Pro Platinum if that makes any difference.

I don’t think this is visible on recent firmware releases, what are you running on yours ?

That would explain it, I tried downgrading the firmware last night but still couldnt see the parameter, it flashed ok but perhaps didnt work.

It’s a while since I’ve done any on my MP, it’s been where I like it for a good couple of years.

Recheck that you’re running a low or modded firmware

Will do, one other thing, when I load up the assistant it says its unable to load firmware info, the bit where it tells you what firmware you are running?

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I’m a bit late to the party but…can this still be done? I’m looking at changing the height limit on my Mavic Pro Platinum but as an aged technophobe (ok, an old git…), this sort of thing (changing codes etc) scares the bejesus out of me…are there any tech-savvy folks out there who offer this as a service (paid or otherwise)? NW England prefered…