Inspire 2 altitude modifications


I followed these instructions to modify the altitude limit for the Inspire 2 and the perimeters don’t correspond to what I see when I enter developer mode:

I took my Inspire 2 to Colorado and I plan to go back soon. I’d like to modify the altitude perimeters so I can reach the top of mountain peaks. Does anyone know how to do this?


Hi @ryan5973

Can you see any of the parameters listed in that thread?

Are you running .700 firmware?


The .700 firmware is for the Mavic. I tried to rollback the firmware for the Inspire 2 to a 2017 version using the 3rd party tool DUMLdore-3.15 but so far it hasn’t worked.


I just got the firmware to roll back to V01.00.0330


And the parameters are not present in there either?


I got it to work. I tested it and it exceeded 1700 ft. My only concern is the return to home function. It don’t want it to start dropping altitude if it disconnects from the remote. I want it to return to the home point without dropping altitude. I’m sure there’s a way to set the perimeters to ensure this.


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